Rick Santorum is worried that women on the front lines of combat may get too emotional


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Marijuana: The Killer Weed


The Case Against Liberal Despair

This video may be even more compelling than Andrew Sullivan’s recent Newsweek article. Obama should be loudly criticized when he does something wrong, but many people fail to judge his presidency from a larger, historical perspective. All anti-Obama leftists should watch this.


So it's since been proven that the "China Jon" ad was created from within Huntsmans campaign. I can't post links in the ask box but just google "china jon end run" and the first link that comes up will have the story. What do you have to say about that? I guess Huntsman is the one fucking with you huh?


See that link above? That’s the part of Jon Huntsman’s official campaign site (Jon2012.com) that lists all mentions of Huntsman on twitter. This is where the video was mentioned on Huntsman’s site. If you quickly browse through all the articles and stories on his site, you will notice that the “China Jon” ad is nowhere to be found. In other words, the ad was only posted onto Huntsman’s site because someone else posted it on twitter.

The following statement from Rob Quigley, Jon Huntsman’s “senior media relations guy” was posted by someone below the “China Jon” video on youtube: "A quick note on the first referral issue on jon2012 com. That first video was shared multiple times on Twitter AND mentioned Governor Huntsman’s Twitter handle. Subsequently, those tweets would have instantly been pulled into the Twitter widget on the right half of their Take Action Supporter page jon2012(.)com/take-action/twee­ts"

Also, your source, “The End Run” is a New World Order conspiracy website. 


Boston Globe Editor Explains Why He Endorsed Jon Huntsman


Bizarre ad from Ron Paul supporter attacks Jon Huntsman for speaking Mandarin, for adopting a Chinese daughter, and for supposedly having anti-American values.

This is probably just some rogue xenophobe, but let’s be clear: if you fuck with Jon Huntsman, you fuck with me and I am not nearly as polite and amiable as he is.


The Ron Paul Chronicles - Jon Huntsman’s new anti-Ron Paul ad

Ron Paul discusses the New World Order, Skull and Bones, and suggests that America brought 9/11 on itself.


Official Occupy Wall Street Thank You Video

I sometimes forget that there are still people out there in the freezing cold fighting the good fight. Stay strong, 99%.


If China Attacks America (Just Imagine) - Ron Paul Commercial

This is just more libertarian, non-interventionist bullshit. How about this? Imagine you’re a 5 year old in Africa starving to death and the food that could save your life isn’t given to you because Ron Paul doesn’t believe in the UN or foreign aid. Imagine you’re a 13 year old girl in Afghanistan who was raped and then forced to marry the man who raped you because Ron Paul doesn’t think it’s “any of our business” to enforce international laws. Imagine your entire family was rounded up and executed by a theocrat because Ron Paul doesn’t believe in “entangling alliances.”  


North Koreans Weeping Hysterically over the Death of Kim Jong-il

Footage taken from North Korean state media.


Unicef’s Santa Commercial

What a crazy commercial. The message seems to be: “Santa is a heartless old bastard, so give your money to Unicef instead.” I kind of like this message but wonder how anyone could think it will be effective. 


Video: The Immortal Rejoinders of Christopher Hitchens

In our video homage, the late, great journalist and cultural critic, a longtime contributing editor to Vanity Fair, says that “one wouldn’t be doing one’s job if one didn’t itch to prick.” View a mere sampling of his brilliant ripostes.


Lou Reed, Philip Glass Speak At Occupy Wall Street General Assembly

"I was born in Brooklyn, and I’ve never been more ashamed than to see the barricades tonight. The police are our army. I want to be friends with them. And I wanna occupy Wall Street. I support it.”

- Lou Reed


Jon Huntsman talks New Hampshire on 'Saturday Night Live'

Only a few months ago, I was polling at ‘margin of error’ so to have any digit at all is a pretty big deal.

- Jon Huntsman on SNL