Funeral director: No signs of injury on Trayvon Martin's body

The defense of George Zimmerman rests on a violent fight that he said occurred before he fired the shot that killed Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was buried in Miami with a gunshot wound to his chest. But otherwise, according to Richard Kurtz, the funeral director who prepared Martin for burial, his body showed no injuries.

"We could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle [or] there had been a fight," he said. "The hands — I didn’t see any knuckles, bruises or what have you. And that is something we would have covered up if it would have been there."

And as a surveillance tape shows, George Zimmerman in handcuffs, 40 minutes after he killed Trayvon Martin. He seemed to show no apparent injuries, either.


The ‘stand the ground,’ as they’re called, laws are opposed by law enforcement and opposed by prosecutors. And there’s another issue, which I didn’t read very much about. The shooter, this guy Zimmerman, how could he have had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, a loaded gun in the first place? Because long before he shot Trayvon Martin, he was arrested for attacking a police officer and was the subject of a court order to prevent domestic violence.

But unfortunately, in Florida, the gun laws are very lax. And unfortunately, law-enforcement officials have never been able to revoke this guy’s license to carry a loaded gun in public.

Gingrich is clearly in the last throes of his political career. And, you know, you can make a decision whether to go out with some shred of dignity or say these irresponsible, reckless things, and he’s clearly chosen the latter path, and that’s unfortunate for the country.
- David Plouffe, President Obama’s senior advisor

"Every time you see someone sticking up a 7-11, the kid is wearing a hoodie. 

You have to recognize that this whole stylizing yourself as a ‘gangsta’…you’re going to be a gangsta wannabe? Well people are going to perceive you as a menace.”

- Geraldo Rivera

Anyone think Zimmerman would have shot this menacing gangster? 


Trayvon Martin protest in Union Square

Photos by Prettay Prettay Good