Martin Amis will be at 92Y

Be there if you appreciate greatness.

The first thing you have to understand about America is a remark by Henry James, who says, ‘America is more like the world than a country.’

Martin Amis discusses his new novel, Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, and Christopher Hitchens’ death. 

Martin Amis, at his new home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn 

Martin Amis, at his new home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn 


Video: Martin Amis Delivers Eulogy at Christopher Hitchens Memorial


Martin Amis Goes on the GOP Campaign Trail

The narrative on the absent Jon Huntsman is “absent.” So apart from the two likely finalists, chameleonic Romney and avaricious Gingrich, we were left with Rick Santorum (“work in progress”), Ron Paul (“shame he’s so elderly”), the gorgeous corpse of Rick Perry (“can only count up to two”), and the equally decorative, and equally discredited, Michele Bachmann (“very creepy husband”).


I was 24, and this is the condition: pretending to know everything, while knowing nothing; pretending to be sure, while being always uncertain.

But before we face experience, that miserable enemy, let us have some innocence, just for a while.

- Martin Amis, “Experience”


Martin Amis Ditches U.K. for Brooklyn, World Rejoices

Martin Amis Buys in Cobble Hill

Martin Amis is Leaving Britain for Good

British badass Martin Amis, receiver of Prettay Prettay Good’s coveted award for Extraordinary Achievement in a Malicious Written or Verbal Assault on the British Monarchy, is officially moving to Brooklyn. Last year he purchased a $2.5 million brownstone (see below) in Cobble Hill. Now, reports indicate he is on his way to New York. You can creepily view photos of his new property here.

Around the world, literary fans are celebrating Amis’ relocation. Abhishek Patel from Mumbai said he ran through the streets, squealing with joy and stripping off his clothes before being tackled by police. Revered left-wing blogger GanjaChomsky24 said she “totally just came” when she heard the news. We here at the Prettay Prettay Good office in Manhattan remain hopeful that Amis will come claim his award package, which includes a Zagat New York City Restaurants book from 2002 and some stale leftover Peeps from Easter. Welcome to the greatest city on earth, Mr. Amis!


Martin Amis Unleashes a Fury of Wit on the Royal Family, Receives Prestigious Award as a Result

Martin Amis attacks Royal family as ‘philistines’

Acclaimed British novelist and all around badass Martin Amis has lashed out at the “Royal” family and their upcoming, much ballyhooed wedding:

"There’s indeed something which doesn’t work in this story," says Amis, referring to the big day on April 29th.

"One can’t, in the era of media supremacy, make ones children go through everything which a wedding like this entails: not only the loss of ones private life; but also the sacrifice of oneself pure and simple. "

"The royal family is so spied upon, so scrutinised by the media that the life of these children becomes quite unbearable.

Asked directly what he thinks of the Royals in general, Amis replies: They are philistines.

Confirming that he would turn down a knighthood, Amis says: “I said I wouldn’t accept it. I don’t want any link with the British Empire. Its quite ridiculous. No, there’s no risk of that happening. In reality, I’d prefer not to be English.

In a particularly direct attack on the upper classes, Amis says: “As for the British aristocracy, its pathetic. All that snobbery is ridiculous today.”

Prettay Prettay Good is pleased to announce that Mr. Amis has received the award for Extraordinary Achievement in a Malicious Written or Verbal Assault on the British Monarchy (2011). Last year’s prize went to Amis’ best friend, Christopher Hitchens, for the rousing attacks on that dreadful piece of awards season fluff, “The King’s Speech.” 

The King’s Speech is riddled with gross falsifications of history

The King’s Speech Revisited

Mr. Amis can pick up his award package, which includes a handwritten note covered with gold stickers and a $5 coupon for Red Lobster, at the official Prettay Prettay Good office in lower Manhattan.

Update (4/18): Not to be outdone, Hitchens published a scathing indictment of the “Royal” family today. He describes Prince Charles as a “morose, balding, New Age crank and licensed busybody.” Kudos, Hitch. 

Does Kate Middleton really want to marry into a family like this?